patricia houghton clarke
Mohammed: Sudan/EnglandConcetta + Narduccio: ItalyDosso: Ivory Coast/ItalyCletus: Nigeria/ItalySonja: USA/EnglandHassan: Egypt/ItalyPaola + Joel: Italy/JamaicaNarduccio: ItalyBarbara: Uganda/ItalyLuca + Clara: ItalyRaga: Sudan/EnglandDonato: Italy
facing ourselves
The southern Italian villagers’ acceptance of the “other” comes from a place deep within themselves, their families and their own migration histories. They say, “We know what it’s like to carry a suitcase.”

A photograph of another human being is best used as a vehicle for compassion and respect, not as a trophy from another culture. I now combine my skills in nonprofit and human rights work with my photography in creating far more than a pretty picture.