imagery > Facing Ourselves:Italia/London/Carpinteria

..."In Clarke’s monumental photographic installation, oversized portraits of people from different parts of the world are pasted on the side of buildings like billboards or installed on giant signposts in the street. Martignano is a small village in the south of Italy, population 1,700.

“As we move into more and more challenging times, with worldwide migration at the forefront,” said Clarke, “we need to focus time and attention on merging cultures and how to create sustainable and humane communities for the future.”

Since 2016, Clarke has traveled to Italy and London photographing portraits for “Facing Ourselves”... Clarke hopes to give voice to those who have lost everything, endured tremendous hardships, and have been forced to leave their homes.

“What do these people look like?” asked Clarke, “Do we see ourselves in them? Can we face ourselves—and each other?” Coastal View News 2018

..."The exhibition presents 30 photographs, set up in an itinerant and outdoor format, that have filled the external spaces of the small Martignanese community in large format, "disembarking" along the streets of the town, and penetrating the social fabric.

The expressive language of photography mixes with the direct and democratic language of the poster format, which gives everyone the opportunity to share the images, emotions and travel stories they represent. The faces of old and new migrants, the images of stories, examples of integration and welcome, coming from the local communities and the places of the world touched by the project, nourish the current need to break down fears and nourish hopes for a real integration to be possible."
PugliaPlanet, October 2018