patricia houghton clarke
gli anciani
ragusa ibla, italycamariere
amalfi, italydue strade
noto, italyfarewell
roma, italyappena nato
amalfi, italynotodavid
taormina, italyinterior
amalfi, italybanda
taormina, italypiazza di spagna
roma, italy2 women:2 men
atrani, italyherbi
roma, italy
sentimento: immagini di italia
Curatorial Statement: Brett Leigh Dicks

Why some people are called into action for the crusade of creative expression and not others remains one of life's unique mysteries. And how one subsequently elects to answer that calling is equally curious. But no matter whether one is pushing a myriad of viscous pigments around a stretched piece of canvas or taking a camera out into the world, one certainty is that the results are as magical and diverse as the means. ...The true beauty of photography is that it can say as much about the person with the camera in their hands as it does the world in front of it. And that it can capture sentiments just as easily as it does light.